Rencong Typeface – The Cultural Decorative Font

1 - Apr - 2020

Project Design By

Hendra Maulia

Type & Graphic Designer

About Rencong Typeface

This Typeface will be applied  to several media strategies and forms. In addition, through visual communication works designed, it is an special attraction for the audience that has a decorative type that raises more the cultural value.

The phenomenon that is happening right now, some typography and typeface applications in design works such as cultural posters, brands of local packaging and so on, especially in Aceh, are not in accordance with the principles of typography and seem to force to explore typography combined with local cultural elements into the form Latin alphabet characters. This affects the legibility of the character letters, causes the text to be not readable and makes a visual impression on the design work and the information contained therein is reduced.
Typeface Rencong was inspired by traditional weapons from Aceh called Rencong. The process design was carried out with the aim of creating special fonts with cultural nuances for the benefit of visual communication media. ​​The popularity of Rencong as a form of letters has a high representation function for the Aceh region. Through this design it is also expected to be an effort to preserve cultural heritage in different media.

Design Process

The method used in this design is analyze the visual data in the form of traditional weapon of Rencong Aceh with 5W+1H analysis. Design typeface to exploration of the form visual typeface and traditional weapon Rencong Aceh, then process deformation, stilitation and transformation, so that the process of character typeface search along with the visual unique of Rencong Aceh that can be exposed in the form of clearly.

Transformation Typeface

Aplication Media

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