Sakola Alam Harau – Brand Identity

18 - Mar - 2020

Project Design By

Wildiya Balqis

Graphic Designer

About Sakola Alam

Sakola Alam Harau is an alternative education forum, namely learning groups conducted in the area around residential areas that emphasize nature as a place of learning for children in the interior of Harau.

Previously the Sakola AlamHarau’slogo had not been able to determine the purpose, identity, giving characteristics, corporate cultural values, and positioning of Sakola Alam Harau. Creating a logo can provide a good communication strategy, lead to strong suggestions, and build community trust and draw images of Sakola Alam Harau.
Redesigned logo of the Sakola Alam Harau to make the institution have a visual identity in accordance with the goals and vision and mission of the institution. Visual identity will encompass the whole of the elements forming Sakola Alam Harau, the objectives, and the characteristics of the Sakola Alam Harau. The new visual identity can later become a reference in the application of various media that will be used in Sakola Alam Harau.

Design Process

The method used in this design is analyze the visual data of elements forming Sakola alam harau with SWOT analyze. logo redesign was first carried out by searching for keywords as representatives of Sakola Alam Harau. the keywords that have been obtained are made into a visual form and then explored to form a visual that is in accordance with the concept.

Aplication Media

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